Tales of Manila – #4 Bye Germany

Here we go again; third time is a charm I suppose.

Whenever people ask me where I lived, or where I am going to move, they tend to admire the bravery behind those actions. Yet, everyone seems to be quite awestruck on why someone would leave the good life behind.

I am quite certain it’s a mixture between our generation and seizing the opportunities we are given every single day. I’ve never met anyone who has regretted moving abroad, but I’ve known plenty who regretted staying behind.

All I want for myself is to discover the world, experience cultures one would know nothing about, and make friends from Tokyo to Honolulu. Ever since I left Germany for the first time at the age of 16, I feared ending up with the so called “German Life”. Graduating from college, starting your 9-6 job, marrying the perfect wife, building that beautiful house, and lastly planting that goddamn tree. Ever seen me taking care of a flower? How could I take care of a tree? 

You are right, it wouldn’t end well for both the flower or tree and neither would that life be for me. Thus, I will travel 10,000 kilometers east and try to find one more puzzle piece to my own puzzle of life.

Nevertheless, home will always be the base, the essential piece to every puzzle. A place of laughter, love, and gemütlichkeit (no english word could portray the meaning). I will miss you guys, at least for a couple of years. Don’t worry though, the big puzzle always connects back to that one essential starting piece.

I will see you soon.



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