Tales Of Manila – #5 Good Morning

I guess I am back.

Reflecting the past three weeks in Germany & Ireland, times have never been as good and sad equally. While I enjoyed every second I got to spend with family & friends, I also knew I may not be able to see them for quite some time. Wisdom will tell you, that this is the price one has to pay for venturing within this world. Nevertheless, wisdom is just the soundness of a decision with regard to the application of experience. Thus, it doesn’t apply to bettering the state of the future. And here I was in Germany & Ireland, where one glass of Gin Tonic turned into eight, one hug ended in at least ten, and one simple goodbye wasn’t enough to ease the situation ahead. In the end, I went ahead with my endeavor.

Once I boarded the plane, the feeling of leaving everything behind, turned into a spark of excitement for the adventure ahead. The only difference, this time I knew what to expect and thus, off I flew from Dublin to Manila.

I arrived at 5:15 pm at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and made my way out of the terminal. Directions were clear: “Someone with the executive suits logo will await your arrival.” Couldn’t be to difficult to find this person I thought. I guess these thoughts were wrong. You, dear reader, may be an expert at locating a sign ahead of you, but it’s not my strength to see a tree in the middle of a forrest and as you might already guess, I couldn’t find that person. Heading outside the terminal, back inside the terminal, and again outside just to finally approach the cab stand. Luckily, the cab driver was eagerly awaiting my approach and asked if he could be of any help. Well, it was not his lucky day as I didn’t ask for an overpriced ride to my apartment, but rather for the guy with the executive suits logo. Guess what? Within 20 seconds he located the guy. Now that’s what I call having some faith in this world.

Mission #1 accomplished.

Next I was off to my apartment, little did I know that the rush hour in Manila takes away a tremendous amount of your life time. The simple ride of five kilometers took roughly two hours. My inner German screamed of impatience, but I learned to better myself and just go with the flow. I arrived at the apartment around 7:30 pm, went up to the room, unpacked, and finally caught up on some sleep before opening the blinds in the morning and witnessing the beauty I had landed in.

Good Morning, Manila!


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