Tales of Manila – #9 A Place to Call Home

Raise a glass to all the new beginnings …

After almost a month, including the spontaneous week in Manila early July, I have somewhat settled in. While the overwhelming paperwork to immigrate properly is nearly completed, the registration of social security and health benefits took another try. Filing government documents has always been an trial and error experience for me. Too many fields with misleading descriptions easily lead down to a path of inaccuracy.

Though, filling documents wasn’t the only challenge. Alongside, I needed to find a suitable place to live – my “Man Habitat”. Luckily, I was in good hands with Kuya Paul & Ate Myra. Together, we visited over 16 different listings throughout Bonifacio. The one bedroom apartment features a modern Spanish design and is newly renovated. Out of all the choices I had, this is the one. Finally, the hunt is over.

After filing documents and a finding a proper “Man Habitat”, I also needed to get my private life sorted out. While I found a great German gang, it is always a good idea to expand your circles in a foreign country. You may wonder, why not use Tinder to find some new people? Yes, I am guilty. Though, I am not a big fan of Tinder (topic for a different day), it is a suitable option to talk to locals. Thus, I left my cozy comfort zone and mingled with the unknown. In the Philippines, you will find everything online: females, foreigners, transgenders & absolute unknowns. Early I thought to myself: “If you are not careful, you may see a big surprise sooner or later.” – Pun intended. In case you are wondering what happened so far, I must disappoint you. Fortune has been with me and all I had were interesting conversations and that one girl, which insisted to call me for three days straight without ever seeing her.

Besides my love/hate relationship with particular online apps, I am out discovering the city as much as possible. Sadly, work takes up most of my time during the week. I have blocked myself two upcoming weekends for trips – Boracay & Sydney. Stay tuned.

The Philippines, excitement …

… and possibilities in a place to call home. 



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