Tales of Manila – #10 Boracay

The alarm woke us up at 9:00 am – feeling slightly hungover and sleepy. Going out for one drink never really worked in my life. Thus, it turned out as it always did, one long night of banter. It always seems to be a great idea the night prior, but always ends in regret the morning after. Yet, it is easier to wake up (even hungover) when an adventure is waiting for you at the doorstep.

We arrived at the NAIA Domestic Airport around 10:30 am, rushed through a rather chilled security control and boarded our flight to Caticlan. Flying over the 7000+ islands is a beautiful occurrence, also reminding me of why I came to Asia. The mesmerizing beauty continued upon arriving in Boracay.

A white beach as long as the eye can see painted the path of the blue ocean in sight. Palm trees and sailing boats added to the overall scenery. It could have been the imagery of a beach postcard. Turn around, you’ll see the outcome of our modern world, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Co. As the sky turned orange, we joined a group of local kids and played football into the evening. I guess I haven’t lost my skill yet, still it must have looked interesting. A tall German, sticking out like a sore thumb in a brown sea of Pinoys.

As the evening covered the four kilometer stretch of white beach, life became vibrant. Music streamed out of every bar, the fresh smell of seafood was evident, and the streets filled itself with tourists. In case you are wondering, of course we joined the fun. Nonetheless, the combination of sleepiness, a few drinks, and all the excitement led to an rather early night of sleep.

Next day? Of course we would repeat! The Boracay seems to be a great retreat from all the stress Manila lays upon you. Sadly, my weekend only consists out of two days. Let me know if you have a solution to the problem. For now, I am headed back to the old groove of things.

Goodbye Paradise, I will be visiting you again!


All pictures are credited to Instagram @sir.wk.






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