Tales of Manila – #11 Grooving

Back from Boracay, the old groove of life knows how to twist and turn you right back into reality. Once landed at NAIA with a delay of two hours, white beaches turned into puddles on the airfield and the gorgeous sunset was long gone. Proceeding outside the tiny and crowded terminal, I waited for my Uber to arrive. Everything comes to him who waits patiently, except it wasn’t the Uber I wished for, it was an old man from Sweden seeking for a conversation. The story he told exemplifies everything I don’t believe in. It was a sad story, yet the truth evident in his eyes. No family, no real place to call home, and just stranded within Southeast Asia. While I admire the desire to travel, I also believe that you have to cut loose from it one day. Otherwise, the road will become the only home you know.

Fortunately, I am still young and carefree – taking the road for what it’s worth: adventure to the unknown. I shook his hand and wished him the best of luck for his future journey and continued my own voyage straight to my living room table to prepare multiple speeches I had to give over the course of the week. Do you know the feeling when you get back from your vacation and everything seems super easy to do? Me neither! Thus, it turned into a long week of playing catch up.

(Nonetheless, let’s not bore you with work related topics. For now, it adds to my passion to travel and continue to write about the stories I encounter. )

As the week was slowly coming to an end, Friday night turned on its charm. We proceeded to the grand opening of Nomads – BBQ + Refuge. A Japanese style bar with street food and cold pilsner in Bel-Air. A few brewskies were downed as the beat hit the dance floor and the place disguised itself in underground vibes. If you have read the other articles, you know what happens next – night turns into day and Friday eve into Saturday morning. We decided to switch locations and proceeded to Bonifacio, only to bump into a group of Cebu Pacific Airlines employees. What better opportunity to moan about my two hour delay?  I received a free drink, continued with the night and proceeded into my cozy bed.

What did I do the rest of the weekend? Well, you will find me by the pool if you have any questions.






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