Tales of Manila – #13 Maka-Alpas

Perhaps you are baffled by the title? Not to worry, I will explain, or even better it will explain itself throughout the next couple of lines.  Have you ever heard about the honeymoon phase? Right, it is the one where you see life through pink lenses. The same principle holds true for living in new places. In the beginning, everything is new and exciting, but over time it starts to rub off slowly. Fortunately, good old Dr. Alpas (Tagalog for breaking loose) always has two choices ready for you. Either you grab a mate and go for a drink, or just book a flight to somewhere new and take a break. How about both?

Instead of grabbing one mate, I grabbed 120 colleagues and invited them for drinks at quiz night. A couple of weeks ago, we made our arrangements and rented a pub downtown. By 8:15 pm, the bar was crowded and the first drinks were flowing. As the host I decided to withhold as long as I could and proceed with the quiz. As the event unfolded itself, drinks weren’t only flowing anymore, but shots were also fired. In case I just confused you, I am not talking about violence unless you consider Tequila as violent? How could I have foreseen that I was about the enter the shananigangs? Each table ordering shots expected me to participate. (Feel free to do the math: 2 hours of quiz night divided by 12 teams multiplied with 2 shots each…) Turns out it was happy Friday morning in the Philippines and another lesson learned. Ready for the weekend, I just leaned back and reduced my efforts to the bare minimum.

Oh and for number two? I am going to pack my bags and head to Sydney, Australia for a week.











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