Tales of Sydney – #1 Just a fling

Nearly 10 years ago today, the adventure of a lifetime began. I left the secure walls of my home in Germany and ventured into the unknown. Ever since the boundaries of this world kept expanding to infinity. No one ever could possibly cover all of the places on earth, but is that really the aim? Speaking for myself, I am balancing my experiences only to find a place to call home one day. Easier said than done. Sometimes, life sets a little trap and if you are really tipsy, you may just trip and fall.

Today, I flew into Sydney. Not really knowing what to expect, the beauty of this place had me captured right from the beginning. You may say I tripped and fell. It’s like being in a relationship and meeting someone extremely exciting. Someone you cannot stop thinking about for a while. Damn you Sydney, you truly could be the place I have been looking for the past 10 years.  Blue waters, green hills & fresh air alongside modern skyscrapers and world-class landmarks as far as the eye can see. You do have everything Manila doesn’t have, but yet I know where my home is for a while. So this time, I will have to say thanks for inviting me, but I’ll have to decline the kind offer of yours dearly. However, I will still be here for a while, listening to your stories you have to tell, and admiring the beauty you have to offer…




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