Tales of Manila #14 – Hello, Taiwan!

Satisfaction is the death of desire. Remember that. 

Thus, we keep moving forward. Sometimes we do it on purpose, other times we are put into situations where it is our only option. As I reached the check-in counter of Sydney International Airport, I proceeded with pre-boarding and handed my travel documents, in goof faith, to the lady across the counter. She thoroughly inspected the documents, looked at me, and right back at her monitor. Confusion was evident. For a moment, we both didn’t know what was going on. There we were, waiting as time passed.

It turns out, one cannot board the flight without a ticket out of the Philippines. Thus, I fetched out my kindest words and brightest smile in order to convince the lady across that I reside in Manila. Quickly, kind words turned into a constructive debate and one simple conclusion: One does not fly into Manila without a legal way out.

The overall mission was clear, book a flight within 30 days to wherever I please. It’s like standing in front of a Southeast Asia map and randomly pointing you finger towards some random country. Although, time was limited and this fancy map I am speaking about was not provided, the first country that came to my mind was Taiwan. I whipped out my phone and did what a man in need had to do – I booked a random flight to Taipei.

With the confirmation in my hand, I marched right back to the check-in counter and replayed the game of checking myself in for the flight. This time, I was successful and finally able to proceed. I guess we keep moving forward, even if we didn’t intend to so. Taiwan, I will soon come for you. 



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