Tales of Manila #15 – From Dusk to Dawn

Finally, after about two weeks I found some time to write again. Here I am, staring out of the window with the sunset leaving a trail of orange in the dusk, reflecting on all of the excitement of the past weeks. Taking my eyes away from the window, I’ll notice that even some dust has settled between the characters of my keyword. Thus, I’ll better get to it and dust away.

It has been extremely busy work. Besides late nights of annual planning for 2017 which kept me up until 12:30 am, we also prepared to move offices. Now as a Googler, you’ll have to be careful not to complain too much. Our actual work life is of high standards, the office more designed than any person could ask for, and the food is cooked with excellence. However, in the Philippines this wasn’t the case for a long time. Google rented a office space in Makati, while the new office was finalized. Just recently we got the green light to move. Exciting times also call for exciting celebrations. After packing our moving boxes we gathered around the table, talked about some of the funny stories, and said our last goodbyes over a bottle of Jägermeister.

At 10:00 pm the last one turned off the lights and we all parted our ways. As for myself, after a couple drinks of Jägermeister I proceeded to meet some friends at a local bar in Makati. If you haven’t been to 20/20, I’d highly recommend you check it out. I’ll be honest, after long nights of working, the only way to take the edge off is either to travel, gyming it out, or going out for a drink. 8 hours later the sun was rising as I came home and fell straight to bed.

Next week, we opened our new office with a magnificent celebration. I have to say, I do love my job very much, but the new location definitely gave me another thrust of motivation. We all worked hard for another week to complete our annual planning and were fully exhausted by Friday evening. Do you see the pattern? Again, I had the choice to take it chill or go for one drink. Yes, I didn’t go home, and yes I stayed for one drink and some great stories. As the night concluded, I made my way over to a speakeasy bar to meet the German gang. A Negroni & two Whiskey Sour please. That’s exactly how an evening turns into a long night. I got home about 4:00 am just to be picked up around 7:30 am to go to the beach in Batangas.

There is nothing better to fully wake up to the sound of waves hitting the beach and the sight of palm trees surrounding you. If I had the choice and financial means, I would do it every weekend. As I wrote in my previous tales, Manila is thriving metropolis. It can lift you as well as it can crush you. Taking a big step out of the city does give you some freedom.

Did I miss anything? Ah right, we bought 3 bottles of Rum and played Texas Hold’em like pirates right on the beach. Except there was no sunrise to be seen as everyone fell asleep early…




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