2016: A Year In Review


It’s January 1st, 2017, the glitter of the new year has washed off and the glamour of the night slowly fades into day. Nothing really changed as the sun rose into the morning sky and the world keeps spinning forward. 2016 has been a year of major changes, learning, and challenges. Here are my key four learnings of 2016:

A Life Without Friends Is Not Worth Living

Friendships are unique relationships we humans are able to form. Thinking about it, imagine how boring life would be without the right people in it? I feel privileged to have such amazing people in my life; it keeps me moving forward every day. Many people come and go, your Facebook friend list will continue to grow, but never forget who really cares about you. Who is still there when everyone else has left. Who is asking questions instead of posing their own story. Who forgives you if you forget to call in a while. Keep them around to share the good banter of life with.

Family Is The Foundation Of Yourself

In the past 10 years I didn’t have much time for my family, but I tried to make any given second count. Life often happens in the fast lane. Therefore, it is important for me to find time to connect with my family. The consistency and stories of home always ground me and take me back into a timeless world. Having moved 10,000+ kilometers away, finding time hasn’t always been easy. Yet, we always were able to make it work and I am sure 2017 will be another great year for the entire crazy bunch that I proudly call my family.

When you are too comfortable, change it!

In 2016, nothing could have been better. Life in Ireland was good, no who am I kidding, it was nearly perfect. The house was always filled with friends and fun stories, we travelled through Europe regularly, and the job was on autopilot. While this sounds fun, it also meant I reached the next comfort zone in my life. Yes, it was the best comfort zone one could wish for, but we all knew it would not be forever. Hence, I made the decision to proceed with my longterm plan of moving to Asia. Never would I have guessed that it would be the Philippines. The comfort zone has been broken to pieces and life has become a thrilling ride of the unexpected.

Trust Your Gut And Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

You got me, it’s one of the most doled out phrases of advice: “Trust your gut.” Yet, for most it is very difficult to consistently implement. I try to rely on my gut feeling as often as I can. As for 2016, the decisions to continue with my application for the Philippines was purely based on my gut feeling. If I would have followed my head, I would still be in Dublin waiting for new opportunities to come.  Going with your gut won’t always get you the best choice, but it will lead to new challenges and doors to be opened – go with it!


Chapeau 2016, it’s been a thrill of a ride, not always easy but surely exciting. Thanks for reading, following, and staying in touch. Have a thrilling 2017 yourself – you deserve it!

* * *

About Willy Kuehne:
I work @Google | Mini-Blogger | #BrutallyHonest | Marketing & Advertising | Challenge the status quo

Or follow me on Twitter: @willykuhne


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